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Nancy Brown, CHt
1421 Luisa Street
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Chances are if you're on this page, you range from curious to deeply interested in how hypnosis can work for you. Ever wish you could harness the power of your mind and put it to work for you? Often it seems to be the other way around. Some little known "force" seems to be dictating how we feel, respond or react in any given situation. Would you like to be more in control?

In one session, I will aquaint you with the incredible power of your mind. Together we can set a course that is beyond the patterns of the past, that takes you into a brilliant future on many levels - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Allow your highest intentions to guide you and work for you.

Please call 505.660.4690 to schedule an appointment.


Yes! Freedom is a state of mind...Let's explore.

An Open Mind and Heart will help you to be more reponsive in reaching your goals. Why don't you give me a call at 505.660.4690 or send an email to to book a session. Life's too precious to wait!

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